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Stop expecting.

Jamieson Van Loan

PSA of the day:

Expectations in life are quite often difficult to manage. We set ourselves up for constant disappointment because we expect a certain outcome from a situation or a response from an individual that is similar to what ours would be. It is this idea that you assume other people will come from the same rational place that you do. Except, they come from their OWN rational place. Their mindset is created through an entirely different set of experiences. So why do we constantly go into situations with our own set of expectations and end up being hurt, rejected, let down? 

Because it is human nature. It is human nature to think that the people you have chosen to surround yourself with, family included, is going to think and act the same way or similar to you. OR what I tend to do, is expect them to KNOW how I am feeling or what I expect of them and therefore do that, rather than do what they think. The world is not made up of mind readers. 

This is a reminder to me and everyone else- do not expect anything from anyone. They and the world do not owe you a thing! When you approach a situation with zero expectations, there are no disappointments.

Yes, you can feel disappointed that your husband chose to not take out the garbage sitting by the door BUT you should not have expected it to happen unless you asked point blank. End of story. You do not have a right to be externally upset about it. Sorry ladies!

How many times have you thought "but I would never do that?" What people choose to do is a part of their character, not yours. Try to remember that. And be a little more forgiving to yourself and others when they do not meet your unspoken expectations. It makes for a much quieter mind. 

Have a great weekend! Go into seeking nothing and enjoy all of it! 

Jamieson xo

Hello everyone!

Jamieson Van Loan

I hope everyone enjoyed our LAST nor'easter. I am giving mother nature two weeks to get her stuff together and bring on a real spring. I need some 60 degree weather days stat! 

Does anyone else feel like the weather is in direct correlation with their emotions? Don't get me wrong, I am not like crying all day when it snows or anything but when the sky is grey and overcast- I feel more tired and less motivated. Even with cold weather, if the sun is shining. I am more apt to go outside and tick off things on my to-do list. Lately with the more dreary days, I have felt a major lack of motivation. Like writing this email blast is a struggle.

BUT this is when I turn to my breathe work (right now I am breathing in 5 second inhales & exhales) and my mindfulness. I try to stay focused on what I can actually get done and don't beat myself for the things I can't. I look to friends and family for encouragement and I get through the dang dreary days. What do you do to stay mentally healthy on tough days? 

It's extremely important to have a system in place to fall back on when your mind is not in the greatest space. We all worry about our physical health but mental health is just as important. Maikana can solve the healthy food part but what are you doing to keep the noggin positive? 

Enjoy your day! Stay sane. Pray for sunshine. 

Jamieson xo

Like I was saying...

Jamieson Van Loan

Last week I discussed perception and having empathy for others views within the same situation. This week I want to discuss perception on a grander scale. Recently, I have been working on my mindfulness and part of this is that I am actively trying to notice my negative thoughts. Every time a negative thought passes through my mind, I acknowledge it and politely ask it to vacate my mind.

This is freakin' difficult! I have come to realize that my thoughts seem to gravitate towards worst case scenarios and critical dissections of my day. But why? 

Am I a person who sees the glass half empty? Is my natural perception of the world a negative one? 

My friends would say absolutely not. I am everyone's biggest cheerleader. I truly want the best for everyone, including myself. So why do I lean towards the negative?

It is an evolutionary trait to be naturally drawn to awfulizing thoughts. It is a part of our fight or flight defense mechanism. It is actually NOT an evolutionary trait to be outwardly positive.

So how are you viewing the world today? It's a rainy, gray day. How do you turn that into a positive? How is your glass half full today? 

When I lived in Costa Rica, we would have almost six months of no rain. Not one single drop. Finally, on the first day of rain, everyone would be in the streets rejoicing in it. Literally dancing in the rain. It was such a beautiful sight to witness. So whenever it rains now and I just want to hide under my covers and watch Netflix instead of venturing out in the world, I think of how grateful I used to be for rain.  

Automatic negative interpretations might be an evolutionary response but fighting against them is a more human one. I am going to continue my positive mindfulness and hopefully become more of a glass completely full type of person. 

Thanks for "listening" to my Friday rants. I always appreciate your insightful feedback. 

Have a wonderful rainy day! 
Jamieson xo

Perception vs Reality

Jamieson Van Loan

I had this strange incident this week. I was walking my beautiful fur baby and she desperately wanted to cross a super busy street. When she wants to cross, she just goes for it, zero cares for oncoming traffic. It is terrifying but I always try to pull her back and tell her firmly no and to wait. As I was pulling her back, a person yelled out of their car "Stop abusing your dog".  I was stunned. What?! This dog is my heart and soul. I was protecting her and hopefully teaching her to be aware of cars. I wanted them to come back so I could defend myself.

I'm aware they were a) probably trying to get a rise out of me (yep, worked)
 b) know nothing of the reality.

But for 15 minutes afterwards I cared enough to be thoroughly annoyed about the situation. Here is the conclusion to that fifteen minute think through...perception and reality rarely live in the same room. 

Furthermore, your perception of a situation and someone else's perception of the exact same situation do not always match up. This imbalance is not the problem. The issue is how you accept and handle those misconceptions.

For most relationships, (friendship, family, marriage) you have most likely been tested on your perception of a situation vs theirs. Currently, I can think of at least three incidents this week where I stood across the room from the people I care about and felt challenged by their positions and perception.

Enter: empathy, stage right. It is far from easy for me to constantly live in someone else's shoes or have that constant source of compassion for their stance, but I sure as hell try. I fail as much as I try (file that under stubborn). But part of the raw beauty of two humans genuinely caring for each other, is the exposure to theirperception of the world. Cherish the differences. They are a part of the joys in life. Even when the differences seem so incredibly frustrating, appreciate them.

Now to go snuggle my pup. Have a wonderful weekend!
Jamieson xo

Perfection sucks.

Jamieson Van Loan

I posted a quote on our Instagram account (are you following?!) yesterday:

If you seek perfection, you will never be content.

We all know this: perfection does not exist outside of nature. It is actually the most human quality to be imperfect. Yet, for a lot of us, this drive to be perfect exists.

I am not equating striving for excellence to that of perfection, but I do find myself constantly aware of my downfalls and trying to be the perfect...well, everything, really. The perfect partner, the perfect eating habits, the perfect friend, the perfect chef, the perfect business owner, the perfect you-name-it. And, duh, I am definitely not any of those things, so why do I seek it?

And more importantly who is it that needs me to be that version of myself? Is it for my own personal benefit or is it for the sake of others? For the sake of appearance?

I am owning it. I am so far removed from perfection, I can't even smell it.

So next time you're annoyed at yourself that you dropped the ball or sent out an email with a spelling mistake or forgot to call a friend on their birthday or didn't text someone back- remind yourself that it is human nature to fail and be imperfect. It is the reason we have (self) forgiveness.

Be kind to yourself. And have a beautiful weekend!

Jamieson xo

Appreciate everything.

Jamieson Van Loan

I was listening to a podcast this week and someone said, "If the stars only came out every thousand years, what would you do?"

You would treat that one day in a thousand with such awe, excitement and appreciation. And yet, the stars come out every night for us to admire and appreciate and we stay inside watching Netflix and checking social media on our phones. 

There are a million cliches out there to hit home gratitude and appreciation, (stop and smell the roses, appreciate the small things in life, etc)  but this one really struck a chord. It might be that I grew up without TV in my life (Fiji didn't have a television channel until I was 12) and I spent most of my time in nature, but this appreciation has shifted for me. It exists in the pocket of "when I have time".  New goal: appreciate the beauty of this world. Right now. 

And equally as important - the beauty inside me. We are blessed (ugh, social media has ruined this word) to be given healthy bodies and we need to do our utmost to keep them that way. What are you doing to keep your body healthily fueled and happy? What are you doing to truly appreciate your health? 

Jamieson xo

Happy Anniversary to Maikana!

Jamieson Van Loan

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

This past week Maikana celebrated its ONE YEAR IN BUSINESS!! This year is a huge accomplishment for me. Bringing a dream into a reality is no easy task.  There are moments when I was not sure I was going to even make it a full year. There were moments, and still are, of  "what am I doing" or "is this the right decision". There were moments of happiness, sadness, anger, joy, depression, stress (oh my god, SO much stress), confusion, deflated-ness, fear, anxiety but honestly, what I feel the most and I really owe that to all of you, is LOVE.

Excuse me while I cheese on, but I have had such an outpouring of love and support from our little communities. Your beautiful emails and social media shares and kind words and honest critiques and motivational phone calls and offers of help and hugs and all these gorgeous attributes that I feel every SINGLE DAY from my clients is such pure joy to me. That for every moment that I've struggled with this past year, there have been a thousand moments to carry me through. 

In full disclosure, I am crying while writing this. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supportive of Maikana and in turn, me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jamieson xo

Good morning!

Jamieson Van Loan

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

I want to start today off by counting our blessings. We are constantly surrounded by a world of tragedy and unease and it is so easy to get caught up in the horror of it all. I feel like we spend more and more time saddened by this deluge of negativeness. And don't get me wrong, that IS how we should feel. But there are times when it overwhelms me and today cannot be one of those days. Today I woke up and needed gratitude and reality.

My reality is that I have my health, loved ones by my side and more than enough to get me by.  If you woke up today and have good health, a roof over your head, people who love and support you, and food on your table- be grateful. Let's be beyond grateful. Let's try to take this beautiful Friday and just be happy for the highs, and even the lows, of it all. 

Jamieson xo

Happy (almost) Autumn!

Jamieson Van Loan

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out to our events this past week. It was so great meeting everyone! 

Second of all, happy (almost) first day of Autumn! Another season has come and gone. I feel like we say this every year but this year is going more quickly than EVER! When seasons change, it is a good time to take stock of what we have and are grateful for and what we need to shed in our lives to make room for the changes to come. Change can difficult or it can be welcomed. How are you going to handle it?

This change of season has an effect on our bodies as well. We lose daylight and therefore lose a percentage of our vitamin D production. Our circadian rhythms are thrown off and need to adjust. We tend to go through seasonal mood changes. And all of these modifications to our lives can be combated by our diets and exercise. We need a few more carbs and to stick to our fitness routines. It's easy to lose sight and want to stay inside on chilly days. Do your best to adhere to what makes you and your body happy and healthy. 

I wish all of you a very healthy & beautiful Autumn ahead! See you during deliveries! 

Jamieson xo

Hello Summer?! It's me, Maikana.

Jamieson Van Loan

I don't know about you guys but I'm sorta over this weather. I legit turned on the heat this past week and debated lighting a fire. Full disclosure- I am pretty much always cold, unless sweating in a hot yoga class. So this 50s and raining weather is blech to my freezing feet. 

BUT the weather Gods have been listening to my complaining and have decided to bless us all with sunny skies and warmer weather next week. Meet you guys at the beach?! 

With the warm weather finally approaching, I am feeling a true  sense of bliss ahead of me. I am not sure if it's because I grew up in Fiji or that I left a part of my soul in Costa Rica but warm weather equates happy, happy, joy, joy in my life. It makes me want to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and more importantly, it really awakens my healthy eating habits. In cold weather, I tend to want to eat slightly heavier, hearty meals. With warm weather I want salads, power bowls, seafood, chilled soups and small bites. I want to really shed my winter skin (and weight) and begin to get my summer glow on. From a lovely tan (use SPF people!) to really starting to glow from the inside, out. Feeding your body the proper foods will truly make your skin brighten and radiate a healthy tone. Look at watermelon- its 90% water and (deliciously!) hydrates your body. It is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, which aid in collagen production and anti-aging. Ask Katie Diehl of Diehl Nutrition...she's our go-to for all good-to-glow foods. 

Basically, what I'm saying is eat better and your skin will regain its natural healthy glow and thank you! I'm not saying it has to be Maikana (but hey, we make it pretty darn convenient) but with the warmer weather on the horizon, more skin is bound to show so make sure it's glowing! 

Have a great and WARM weekend!! 
Jamieson xo

Can you self-congratulate?

Jamieson Van Loan

Wasn't everyone raised to be humble?! That you quietly (regardless of your inner pride) celebrate your accomplishments and silently wait for the accolades and compliments. I certainly was not raised to shout my achievements from a mountaintop. My mother would have been sorely disappointed in my "bragging". 

Sometimes we need to SHOUT IT OUT! Celebrate. Scream. Screw how we were raised. We need to honor our major feats and triumphs. It is necessary for our  self-empowerment. We can't always wait for others to recognize our significant milestones. We need to be our own cheerleaders! Only we are aware of how hard we worked and how much effort was put forth to get to where we are. Celebrate yourself! Shout it from rooftops or the proverbial mountaintop aka social media. Rock on people! 

So to completely and proudly toot my own horn, Maikana Foods is celebrating six months of being open. Six months of being a part of your lives. AND I AM SO GRATEFUL! Thank you for allowing Maikana to be a part of your healthy regimen. My only hope at this six-month mark is that I have grown and slowly begun to roll out the bumps and lumps of my business. Maikana is by no means perfect (yet-hehe) but I am constantly working on it and evolving. And I am so happy that you are along for the ride. 

Thank you so so so much to all our clients who have stuck by Maikana or helped us along the way. You are the reason Maikana continues every day. 

As a small sign of my gratitude, Maikana is offering 10% off on all orders this week. The coupon code at check out is: 
(this cannot be used post-check out, sorry!)

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey. Have a beautiful weekend!

Jamieson xo

Spread love like it's nutella.

Jamieson Van Loan

Someone close to me passed away this week. I am not sharing this because I want sympathy or condolences. I am sharing it because death of a loved one is the greatest reminder to be grateful. We all have a finite amount of time on this planet. We go to bed each night stressing over what is to be done or checked off our ever-growing lists and you never know if you'll even see tomorrow. I do not mean to be dark or grim. I, personally, always take life, and health for that matter, a little for granted. I think we all do. And when someone passes away that shed light into your years, you tend to take stock of your life and your remaining loved ones and you begin to seek more gratitude. It is such a shame that death or negative moments in our lives always tend to be the catalyst of a really in-depth scan of our existence. Alas, it is and so today I am truly grateful for everything I have, including all of you. Maikana has given me a purpose beyond what I had imagined. Thank you.

I ask all of you to hug your loved ones a little closer today and truly inhale the love that is constantly around you. We have much more than we will ever need and yet we are always seeking more. Just for one day, stop and be happy for everything you already have. 

Jamieson xo

We all need a reason to celebrate...

Jamieson Van Loan

And today's reason is Cinco de Mayo. The full knowledge I have of this holiday is that the Mexican army defeated France in a battle somwhere in Mexico. The end. Sorry Mrs Klein- I didn't pay that much attention in history class. Another reason to celebrate is it's our amazing nutrition specialist, Katie Diehl's (of Diehl Nutrition)  birthday today! Yay Katie! We love you.

Sooo...after my grueling and mentally-exhausting week last week, I have decided that besides doing yoga for 28 days straight (I'm on day 10!)- I need to just get back to focusing on the little wins and the happy-making parts of my day. Regain that staying present mentality and not feel overwhelmed by the zillion things I have to accomplish. I will stop beating myself up over the things I don't accomplish each day- sorry if it takes me a while to email you back or return your call. It's not because I don't value you or your time- its because I literally haven't sat down to my computer until this very moment this week. So my emails and calls are usually all done on the side of the road while delivering or running around to grocery shop or to my kitchen or  what have you. Its not you, its me. But I can't feel like a failure because I didn't fit it all in. Little by little, poco a poco. 

So thanks to the Mexican army of yesteryears, today's reason to celebrate is that it's Friday- you got here, you did it- and Cinco de Mayo! You have every excuse in the book to eat a bucket of guacamole and drink margaritas. Be happy with all the amazing things you accomplished this week and don't sweat over the things you didn't. 

AND then you can work off those lovely treats by joining Jaté Yoga and MaikanaFoods this Sunday, May 7 from 12 to 1pm to practice your namaste and get in the zen. And even more happy-making is the money raised during this class goes straight to the Rowayton Arts Center. Its a total win-win, donate money to a good cause and practice your oms. See the flyer below. Sign up today! 

Don't forget to check out our menu this week. I think its pretty spectacular, but I could be a little bias. There are some yummy combos though and it shouldn't missed! You can place any orders until 3pm for delivery the following the day. Someone asked me last week if they can only order by Sunday. Nope! As long as its 3pm the day before you want it delivered- its coming to ya! And don't forget to add a thermal bag to you order if you won't be home to receive it. It's getting warmer and we want Maikana to stay cool! 

I hope you all have a beautiful, relaxing, spectacular, healthy weekend! 

Jamieson xo

Where has April gone?!

Jamieson Van Loan

It has begun...the flying by of spring and summer. I swear, we are going to blink and be planning our Halloween costumes. 

This month has been all over the place for me. Is mercury in retrograde or something? The transitioning of seasons tends to take its toll on me. I really can't explain it but I feel exhausted and this crave for energy. When did the energy I have in my 20's dissipate? I could run on three hours of sleep and be completely fine. Now even six hours isn't enough to get me through a full day. I know all parents can relate to this. Maybe having your own business is essentially like having a first child. You're constantly tired and questioning, "Am I doing this right?" 

I have been reaching out to friends lately, mostly entrepreneurs, to help me revitalize and find my inner fire again. It's almost like I'm in a work depression. Is that a thing? I have my own business. I get to create and cook every day! I LOVE WHAT I DO! But I'm tired and cranky and really just an annoying person to be around. Sorry Chris! Does anyone have advice for getting out of work funk? My current solution is 28 days straight of yoga aka making time for my sanity and self. I am on day five. I will take any and all advice though...

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!
Jamieson xo

Not to burst anyone's champagnes bubbles...

Jamieson Van Loan

But vacation week is coming to an end! Eeks...enjoy the last two days before returning to reality. I hope you guys all have an amazing Easter weekend! I am off to a wonderful weekend in Boston with an actual lamb on a spit in the backyard. Holy moly! I know for some that's cruel and awful (to each his/her own) but for a chef- it's pretty darn cool! Greeks do it right!

The weather has finally changed. YES! What are you all doing to appreciate this beautiful turn of events? With each changing of the seasons, I like to reflect on what we are losing and what we have ahead to look forward to. Even though we all complained (me included) about the long winter and cold, grey skies, we really had it pretty easy this winter. We only had a few bad snow storms and not a ton to shovel. Thank goodness! I happen to be someone who dislikes the cold but loves the cozy nights in with a fire, hot cocoa, snuggles and Netflix. Yes please. Those days are behind us for a while.  We are giving up the slower comfort and quiet of winter.

And now we have the long warm summer days...filled with sand, sunshine, warm garden tomatoes and a little rosè. I have a complete appreciation of both seasons, but I will admit that I am much more of an outdoor, sunshine, sunsets on the beach kind of person. Ahead of us are the days of lots of outdoor activity, hot sweaty temperatures, swimming to cool off, outdoor eating, grilling, backyard gatherings...ooh I can't wait! We are exiting our hibernation stage into the active, energetic, sultry season.

This change of seasons reminds me that I have the constant ability to change. I can change my emotions, my opinions, my reactions, my stress level, my plans, my everything. The cliche that people never change or you can't teach an old dog new tricks-it's a big fat lie people! We are all capable of change.

How are you evolving this season?

Happy Easter everyone!
Jamieson xo

Use your luck mindfully

Jamieson Van Loan

First of all I want to thank all the amazing people who  came out to our event last night at The Shop | Stems & Co. Between the ladies from The Shop and Brinley from Beautycounter and all you beautiful souls- there was such a great, fun-loving vibe. I had a really good time and apparently everyone LOVES avocado chocolate on the look out for that to pop up on the Maikana menu in the future. 

Now for my little food for thought...

A good friend of mine, and also a femprenurial rockstar (Hi Lauryn!),  shared the super inspiring podcast "How I Built This" with me. Now I'm aware I'm behind the times by a few years because this is the first time I've ever podcasted (is that a word?!) but during one segment a famous entrepreneur mentioned that he thought we are all given a certain amount of luck and it's how we use it that makes our lives differ.  Granted this was coming from a billionaire, but it really struck a chord with me. How am I using my luck? Am I wasting it away on trivial things or am I using it to its full potential? When you are given a chance, do you leap or proceed with caution? Is my hesitation in leaping and bounding the reason I'm not crazy successful? (How I measure success is a completely different topic). Are we sharing our luck and paying it forward? 

It really got me thinking and it, honestly, inspired me. I want to use my luck wisely!! This past week made me extremely grateful and very alert to my luck. Now granted, as a small business owner- determination, passion and solid hard work are the driving elements behind my day to day but when companies like the Daily Voice and Halstead reach out and are like, "Hey we want to write about you for FREE because we think you're awesome and the coolest healthy food company around" (that last part may or may not have been said). Is that luck playing a role in my life? Is it part luck and part hard work paying off? I don't know but I will say- I feel pretty darn fortunate about those lovely write-ups.
(see link below)

Needless to say- I am inspired. Inspired to do more and reach more and give back more. So my question for this week is: how are you using your luck? 

Happy weekend everyone!! 
Jamieson xo

Ahh the Greek Life...

Jamieson Van Loan

Ok so if Greece isn't on your bucket list...add it. What an amazing country! From the food (I ate a LOT of it) to the major archaeological and historical sites to the beautiful people- Greece is my kinda country!! 

I have much more to say on that subject but before we delve into my little thought for the week, I want to give you guys a heads up on some MAJOR Maikana news. Starting this week our new Maikana "pick up" fridge will be open in Westport at the beautiful Bar 'Bucha, off exit 17. If you live outside of Norwalk & Darien and are dying to try Maikana Foods- you can place an order online and it will be ready for pick-up by 1pm the following day (for more instructions see photo below). You will also be able to buy specialty bowls/soups/breakfast items there. Bar 'Bucha alone is worth the trip to Westport- it's so bright and vibrant and Kombucha is so healthy for you. I just love it! We are so happy to be small business buddies with them!  Check out their instagram...I have complete instagram envy! So spread the word...calling all Westport & Fairfield friends- Maikana is available for pick up!! 

I LOVE you guys and want to meet each and every one of you so please come out and meet me this upcoming Thursday night at The Shop in Rowayton (see flyer below for more info). We are having a night of yummy Maikana appetizers, some Beautycounter shopping with our friend, Brinley and, of course, the amazing lifestyle shopping at The Shop. I have been rocking one of their gold shark tooth necklaces for a couple months now- I'm obsessed! So please come out Thursday night, 6 to 9pm, to hang out with some cool chicks and have a little fun! Add it to your calendars! 

Now to my thoughts for this week...
As you know I was traveling in Greece last week (Thank you Chris- what a wonderful gift!!). I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with his extended family who all live full time in Greece and to travel to as many historical sites and museums as I could in one week. I must say from what I have seen over my years of traveling is that there are two types of travelers: those who try to immerse themselves in the culture and experience of a new country and those who want a hotel with a beach or a pool and a place to relax. Now I have been on both sides of this travel spectrum and there is nothing wrong with either choice. Sometimes we just need a beach and a place to recharge. But I will say this, what a beautiful, magnificent and culturally different world we live in?! I get mind blown every single time I step foot in another country and get to really be involved in another culture and the beauty of another people. With all this insanity with travel bans right now, it saddens me that we are putting up metaphorical walls (and possibly real ones) to keep out the beauty of different cultures. Experiencing new and different situations, peoples, countries or cultures is not always easy or pleasing but it adds to our growth. It is a window to a life beyond our own. And a lot of the time it humbles us. I am so grateful for my travel experiences because it has grown me in ways I could not have imagined. 

I leave you with this quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes:

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Jamieson xo

Where has this week gone?

Jamieson Van Loan

This week has flown by. As has every other week in 2017. Maikana's nutrition specialist, Katie Diehl (of Diehl Nutrition) reminds me the days until Spring every day. 17 left!! Thank you Katie. 

With all this time passing so quickly, I keep running into issues of finding my balance. How do I fit everything into these super short weeks? And not only that, how do I choose the "right" things to do in my given time? We want to conquer it all but some things just fall by the wayside. I really want to do it all people!! 


We have to create, not find, our balance. Not only our balance of work, children, family and friends but the balance within. The balance of spending less time on the computer or phone and more time on the yoga mat.The balance of the mind. Less time stressing and more time blessing. I have spent the past eight months gearing up my business and opening it and taking each unknown day as it comes. I have spent WAY more time working, stressing, emailing, calling, texting, planning, writing than I have since I owned my restaurant. I have spent way less time on my yoga mat and less time with friends and with my family. Don't get me wrong- I am so GRATEFUL that I get to not only create beautiful and healthy food daily but I am following my dreams! Not many people can say that. But on the other hand I am missing my niece's birthday party this weekend because of a Maikana event. And I FEEL AWFUL about it. But my event was planned way before she decided to play laser tag and eat Shake Shack (a kid after my own heart!) so I have to do my best to not beat myself up over it.  

Moving forward I have to work on creating my balance. I have to make time for my family, my friends and more importantly myself. I have to REALLY work on finding my life harmony.

Any suggestions?! 

Have a wonderful and hopefully balanced weekend!
Jamieson xo

It takes a village...

Jamieson Van Loan

We have all heard the saying "It takes a village." And I had always been one of those people who thinks, "Eh, I live on an island. I do things on my own." Most of my life this island had been warm and cozy and controlled by moi. But there comes a point in everyone's life when your island is no longer sustainable. There comes a point when you NEED a village! And it is not easy for us island-living independents to reach out to the village. I came to this point a couple years ago and it certainly was a humbling experience. I realized I cannot do it all on my own. I needed a team, a strong team, to get me through difficult and chaotic situations. I was not Miss Independent (thanks Kelly Clarkson!). 

If you are someone who tries to do everything on your own-kudos to you! But I urge you to reach out to your village from time to time- not necessarily for help but just a sounding board. It is not easy taking the world on all by yourself. I did it for a long time. And although I loved every minute of it, I would have not gotten to where I am today if I did not reach out to my tribe. People have said to me, "Oh but I feel bad putting you in that position" when I can see they genuinely need help and I offer. Do not feel bad. That is what your tribe is for! We are here to carry the weight you cannot lift alone. 

Call your tribe this weekend. Your island needs a village. 

Jamieson xo

How do you find your beauty?

Jamieson Van Loan

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. I agree. But lately I've realized that noticing and truly appreciating beauty is directly correlated to what side of the bed I wake up on. When I've prepared and can tackle my day without undue stress, I tend to notice all the beautiful details of my day. But when I wake up late and start off crazed and forget all that I had planned and my mind starts rushing, I end up right back in bed at night without one single "oh wow" moment of the day. What is up with that? 

I have my health, a roof over my head, clothes on my body, food in my fridge (I have a fridge!), a car, running water, family, great friends, the list is LONG...I am SO fortunate! So why do I spend a LOT of my days running around, stressed out and not appreciating all the beautiful details of my life. 

To counter this, I allow for a few extra minutes in bed each morning. I am practicing to appreciate these gorgeous details in life by spending the first few minutes of my day counting my blessings. Even if I am running late, I take one full minute in bed and mentally go through all the people who contribute to my happiness and support me relentlessly. This practice has been helping me to view all the beautiful daily details of my world.

Maikana Friends, I urge you to do what you can to wake up on the right side of your splendid worlds and appreciate that the beauty is in the details. 

Have a wonderful & healthy weekend! 

Jamieson xo