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Don’t be in sales...

Jamieson Van Loan

I am not a salesperson. I never have been. I remember working for Bear Naked right when they got into the Norwalk Stew Leonard’s and having to demo granola for Kelly & Brendan. I was the worst! It brought out all my insecurities. In my mind, I felt so far removed from myself. Who was I to be selling this stuff? I couldn’t seem to find my true voice. I couldn't handle the rejections and rudeness. Fortunately, they had a great product and it sold itself...phew!

Since owning my restaurant in Costa Rica and now having Maikana, I’ve had to work on my selling skills. I’ve had to get comfortable with things that typically make me uncomfortable. From conference calls to business meetings to marketing myself- all things that used to make me want to run and hide, I’ve had to face head on. Still, when my phone rings, I want to hurl it across the room but I don’t. I’ve accepted that sometimes we have to feel uneasy in order to find the good stuff. This applies to all aspects of life.

I read this article about relationships and energies a few weeks ago and the line that stuck in my head is: 

“You are not a salesperson. It is not your job to convince someone to like you.”

In the past, I have spoken about energies or vibrations needing to align for you and someone to click. This is completely true. Some people you vibe with and some you don't. 

But you know that feeling when you’re not clicking with someone and you can’t understand what YOU did wrong. It is so easy for us to question what we are doing wrong or how we can change in order to appeal to someone else. As an over-analyzer, I’ve definitely been here. Why doesn’t he or she like me? What can I do to make them like me? What is wrong with me?

Answer: not a damn thing.

You are exactly who and where you are meant to be. You are surrounded by the people who are the exact support characters you need at this moment. You are amazing, as is, and the only time you should ever change something about your character is if YOU want to better yourself, for only yourself. No one else. 

If someone doesn’t like you or understand you, that is their problem. Not yours. It is not your job to ever convince or persuade someone to like you. Ever. Never ever.

Do not be a salesperson.

I have been that person. The person who is malleable enough to fit in and can adapt to people and situations in order to stay inside the supposed box. I was young and thought that being who I was "supposed" to be was the right thing. I have since learned the opposite.

The effort needed to portray a different version of yourself is exhausting. And even when you've convinced yourself that this is who you are, eventually you will not be able to suppress your inner spirit. This goes back to what I've said before: let your freak flag fly. The people who rally around that flag are your tribe. 

 Sadly, I still see people my age and older trying to impress or behave in a manner contradictory to their true self so others accept them. When are these people going to be comfortable enough with their own character, their own ideas & beliefs, their own soul to give zero effs about who likes them or not? 

Life is too damn short to be a salesperson.

Taking ownership of your beautiful self and celebrating who you are, with people who do not want you to change a damn thing, is one of the greatest joys in life. Just being accepted for exactly who you are is a gift. Be grateful when it happens.  

Side note: asking people to change for you or assuming people should change for you is just as bad as not being accepted. I've heard countless stories of people saying "oh I thought he/she would change". Why, why would you ever think that? It's fantasy, not reality. 

I vow to never be a salesperson for my character. I vow to love and accept myself as is. Because who I was yesterday, who I am today and who I will be tomorrow are not the same people. And the wonderful humans who see the beautiful value in those genuine versions of myself are all I need in life.

Take the same vow: love who you truly are and never be a salesperson for your soul. 


Happy Anniversary to Maikana!

Jamieson Van Loan

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

This past week Maikana celebrated its ONE YEAR IN BUSINESS!! This year is a huge accomplishment for me. Bringing a dream into a reality is no easy task.  There are moments when I was not sure I was going to even make it a full year. There were moments, and still are, of  "what am I doing" or "is this the right decision". There were moments of happiness, sadness, anger, joy, depression, stress (oh my god, SO much stress), confusion, deflated-ness, fear, anxiety but honestly, what I feel the most and I really owe that to all of you, is LOVE.

Excuse me while I cheese on, but I have had such an outpouring of love and support from our little communities. Your beautiful emails and social media shares and kind words and honest critiques and motivational phone calls and offers of help and hugs and all these gorgeous attributes that I feel every SINGLE DAY from my clients is such pure joy to me. That for every moment that I've struggled with this past year, there have been a thousand moments to carry me through. 

In full disclosure, I am crying while writing this. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supportive of Maikana and in turn, me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jamieson xo

We all need a reason to celebrate...

Jamieson Van Loan

And today's reason is Cinco de Mayo. The full knowledge I have of this holiday is that the Mexican army defeated France in a battle somwhere in Mexico. The end. Sorry Mrs Klein- I didn't pay that much attention in history class. Another reason to celebrate is it's our amazing nutrition specialist, Katie Diehl's (of Diehl Nutrition)  birthday today! Yay Katie! We love you.

Sooo...after my grueling and mentally-exhausting week last week, I have decided that besides doing yoga for 28 days straight (I'm on day 10!)- I need to just get back to focusing on the little wins and the happy-making parts of my day. Regain that staying present mentality and not feel overwhelmed by the zillion things I have to accomplish. I will stop beating myself up over the things I don't accomplish each day- sorry if it takes me a while to email you back or return your call. It's not because I don't value you or your time- its because I literally haven't sat down to my computer until this very moment this week. So my emails and calls are usually all done on the side of the road while delivering or running around to grocery shop or to my kitchen or  what have you. Its not you, its me. But I can't feel like a failure because I didn't fit it all in. Little by little, poco a poco. 

So thanks to the Mexican army of yesteryears, today's reason to celebrate is that it's Friday- you got here, you did it- and Cinco de Mayo! You have every excuse in the book to eat a bucket of guacamole and drink margaritas. Be happy with all the amazing things you accomplished this week and don't sweat over the things you didn't. 

AND then you can work off those lovely treats by joining Jaté Yoga and MaikanaFoods this Sunday, May 7 from 12 to 1pm to practice your namaste and get in the zen. And even more happy-making is the money raised during this class goes straight to the Rowayton Arts Center. Its a total win-win, donate money to a good cause and practice your oms. See the flyer below. Sign up today! 

Don't forget to check out our menu this week. I think its pretty spectacular, but I could be a little bias. There are some yummy combos though and it shouldn't missed! You can place any orders until 3pm for delivery the following the day. Someone asked me last week if they can only order by Sunday. Nope! As long as its 3pm the day before you want it delivered- its coming to ya! And don't forget to add a thermal bag to you order if you won't be home to receive it. It's getting warmer and we want Maikana to stay cool! 

I hope you all have a beautiful, relaxing, spectacular, healthy weekend! 

Jamieson xo