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Quiet Successes

Jamieson Van Loan

How is your week going? I will say that this strange weather from snow storms to rainy and cold to sunshine (and cold) to possible snow again this weekend has made me feel sorta sluggish and once again, unmotivated. I'm ready for a new season mother nature! 

This type of slothful haze has forced me to really dig deep for my daily incentives. We all have to get through our days- from driving kids around to meetings to laundry to all sorts of responsibilities. These are the mundane must-dos every day. I like to call these the quiet successes.

Quiet Successes can be as little (in my case HUGE) as having time for a (not rushed) shower, getting a workout class in, making one meal a day super healthy, actually finishing the laundry (does it ever end?), not forgetting that one item at the grocery store- whatever it is, it deserves a mental cheer! Celebrate ticking those things off your to-do list, as silly as they are. These are your quiet successes- that no one appreciates but YOU!

Our menu for next week is below. Try to add some healthy fuel to your body this upcoming week. With bad weather typically comes bad eating habits. Do your best!

Have a great weekend guys! 
Jamieson xo

Hello everyone!

Jamieson Van Loan

I hope everyone enjoyed our LAST nor'easter. I am giving mother nature two weeks to get her stuff together and bring on a real spring. I need some 60 degree weather days stat! 

Does anyone else feel like the weather is in direct correlation with their emotions? Don't get me wrong, I am not like crying all day when it snows or anything but when the sky is grey and overcast- I feel more tired and less motivated. Even with cold weather, if the sun is shining. I am more apt to go outside and tick off things on my to-do list. Lately with the more dreary days, I have felt a major lack of motivation. Like writing this email blast is a struggle.

BUT this is when I turn to my breathe work (right now I am breathing in 5 second inhales & exhales) and my mindfulness. I try to stay focused on what I can actually get done and don't beat myself for the things I can't. I look to friends and family for encouragement and I get through the dang dreary days. What do you do to stay mentally healthy on tough days? 

It's extremely important to have a system in place to fall back on when your mind is not in the greatest space. We all worry about our physical health but mental health is just as important. Maikana can solve the healthy food part but what are you doing to keep the noggin positive? 

Enjoy your day! Stay sane. Pray for sunshine. 

Jamieson xo

Like I was saying...

Jamieson Van Loan

Last week I discussed perception and having empathy for others views within the same situation. This week I want to discuss perception on a grander scale. Recently, I have been working on my mindfulness and part of this is that I am actively trying to notice my negative thoughts. Every time a negative thought passes through my mind, I acknowledge it and politely ask it to vacate my mind.

This is freakin' difficult! I have come to realize that my thoughts seem to gravitate towards worst case scenarios and critical dissections of my day. But why? 

Am I a person who sees the glass half empty? Is my natural perception of the world a negative one? 

My friends would say absolutely not. I am everyone's biggest cheerleader. I truly want the best for everyone, including myself. So why do I lean towards the negative?

It is an evolutionary trait to be naturally drawn to awfulizing thoughts. It is a part of our fight or flight defense mechanism. It is actually NOT an evolutionary trait to be outwardly positive.

So how are you viewing the world today? It's a rainy, gray day. How do you turn that into a positive? How is your glass half full today? 

When I lived in Costa Rica, we would have almost six months of no rain. Not one single drop. Finally, on the first day of rain, everyone would be in the streets rejoicing in it. Literally dancing in the rain. It was such a beautiful sight to witness. So whenever it rains now and I just want to hide under my covers and watch Netflix instead of venturing out in the world, I think of how grateful I used to be for rain.  

Automatic negative interpretations might be an evolutionary response but fighting against them is a more human one. I am going to continue my positive mindfulness and hopefully become more of a glass completely full type of person. 

Thanks for "listening" to my Friday rants. I always appreciate your insightful feedback. 

Have a wonderful rainy day! 
Jamieson xo

Perfection sucks.

Jamieson Van Loan

I posted a quote on our Instagram account (are you following?!) yesterday:

If you seek perfection, you will never be content.

We all know this: perfection does not exist outside of nature. It is actually the most human quality to be imperfect. Yet, for a lot of us, this drive to be perfect exists.

I am not equating striving for excellence to that of perfection, but I do find myself constantly aware of my downfalls and trying to be the perfect...well, everything, really. The perfect partner, the perfect eating habits, the perfect friend, the perfect chef, the perfect business owner, the perfect you-name-it. And, duh, I am definitely not any of those things, so why do I seek it?

And more importantly who is it that needs me to be that version of myself? Is it for my own personal benefit or is it for the sake of others? For the sake of appearance?

I am owning it. I am so far removed from perfection, I can't even smell it.

So next time you're annoyed at yourself that you dropped the ball or sent out an email with a spelling mistake or forgot to call a friend on their birthday or didn't text someone back- remind yourself that it is human nature to fail and be imperfect. It is the reason we have (self) forgiveness.

Be kind to yourself. And have a beautiful weekend!

Jamieson xo

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Jamieson Van Loan

I must say that I am not big on new year's resolutions. Solely because I have yet to follow through with any of them for a full year (anyone else?!). So instead I create goals for myself. Actual achievable goals. And there is no failure in this- because every tiny step is still a step. 

This year I have many goals. One of them is to see Maikana Foods become more successful and gain more momentum. Yay! But on a more personal level- I want to let go of things that do not bring me happiness. This includes many things but here are a few:

  1. clothes- things I think I'm going to fit into again as my metabolism laughs in my face
  2. people- those who do not fill me with positive energy (you all have those people in your life)
  3. clutter- why is my basement so full of crap??
  4. technology- is anyone else tied to their phones 24/7? It needs to end!! 

The list could go on but on the positive side- I want to do more things that bring me happiness. I want to volunteer more, cook more for myself, read more, go to more classes for fun, etc. Let's all vow to do more things that bring us real happiness in 2017!

I wanted to share all this because I think it is important that as we start our new year we focus on the things that truly matter in order to attain these goals. During 2016 I've had a lot of people close to me begin to lose their health. You cannot achieve any goals or resolutions without your health. It is of the utmost importance. Please stay happy & healthy in 2017!