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Spread love like it's nutella.

Jamieson Van Loan

Someone close to me passed away this week. I am not sharing this because I want sympathy or condolences. I am sharing it because death of a loved one is the greatest reminder to be grateful. We all have a finite amount of time on this planet. We go to bed each night stressing over what is to be done or checked off our ever-growing lists and you never know if you'll even see tomorrow. I do not mean to be dark or grim. I, personally, always take life, and health for that matter, a little for granted. I think we all do. And when someone passes away that shed light into your years, you tend to take stock of your life and your remaining loved ones and you begin to seek more gratitude. It is such a shame that death or negative moments in our lives always tend to be the catalyst of a really in-depth scan of our existence. Alas, it is and so today I am truly grateful for everything I have, including all of you. Maikana has given me a purpose beyond what I had imagined. Thank you.

I ask all of you to hug your loved ones a little closer today and truly inhale the love that is constantly around you. We have much more than we will ever need and yet we are always seeking more. Just for one day, stop and be happy for everything you already have. 

Jamieson xo