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Perfection sucks.

Jamieson Van Loan

I posted a quote on our Instagram account (are you following?!) yesterday:

If you seek perfection, you will never be content.

We all know this: perfection does not exist outside of nature. It is actually the most human quality to be imperfect. Yet, for a lot of us, this drive to be perfect exists.

I am not equating striving for excellence to that of perfection, but I do find myself constantly aware of my downfalls and trying to be the perfect...well, everything, really. The perfect partner, the perfect eating habits, the perfect friend, the perfect chef, the perfect business owner, the perfect you-name-it. And, duh, I am definitely not any of those things, so why do I seek it?

And more importantly who is it that needs me to be that version of myself? Is it for my own personal benefit or is it for the sake of others? For the sake of appearance?

I am owning it. I am so far removed from perfection, I can't even smell it.

So next time you're annoyed at yourself that you dropped the ball or sent out an email with a spelling mistake or forgot to call a friend on their birthday or didn't text someone back- remind yourself that it is human nature to fail and be imperfect. It is the reason we have (self) forgiveness.

Be kind to yourself. And have a beautiful weekend!

Jamieson xo