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Can you self-congratulate?

Jamieson Van Loan

Wasn't everyone raised to be humble?! That you quietly (regardless of your inner pride) celebrate your accomplishments and silently wait for the accolades and compliments. I certainly was not raised to shout my achievements from a mountaintop. My mother would have been sorely disappointed in my "bragging". 

Sometimes we need to SHOUT IT OUT! Celebrate. Scream. Screw how we were raised. We need to honor our major feats and triumphs. It is necessary for our  self-empowerment. We can't always wait for others to recognize our significant milestones. We need to be our own cheerleaders! Only we are aware of how hard we worked and how much effort was put forth to get to where we are. Celebrate yourself! Shout it from rooftops or the proverbial mountaintop aka social media. Rock on people! 

So to completely and proudly toot my own horn, Maikana Foods is celebrating six months of being open. Six months of being a part of your lives. AND I AM SO GRATEFUL! Thank you for allowing Maikana to be a part of your healthy regimen. My only hope at this six-month mark is that I have grown and slowly begun to roll out the bumps and lumps of my business. Maikana is by no means perfect (yet-hehe) but I am constantly working on it and evolving. And I am so happy that you are along for the ride. 

Thank you so so so much to all our clients who have stuck by Maikana or helped us along the way. You are the reason Maikana continues every day. 

As a small sign of my gratitude, Maikana is offering 10% off on all orders this week. The coupon code at check out is: 
(this cannot be used post-check out, sorry!)

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey. Have a beautiful weekend!

Jamieson xo