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Lessons I’ve learned to live by this year...

Jamieson Van Loan

As promised last week, I am going to share some lessons/experiences/thoughts/feelings that I really took to heart this past year. I hope you can relate to one or two.

Here we go:

1) Kindness is free and effin amazing, so share it....

We should always approach every single situation with kindness. It shows respect and honors others' time and space. I often find myself stressed out and then my kindness tends to go out the window. I constantly remind myself that kindness is the easiest thing I can do and its changed how I go about my day. Be kind, always.

2) Love is the basis of our existence. Find your inner love and share it.

First and foremost you need to love yourself. Like really love even the darkest places of your soul. You need to be happy with your thoughts, the way you view and exist in the world and from there, your inner love will shine outwardly. It is super cheesy but it is also the greatest way to change your day and, really, your life. Once you love yourself and can then share that love, your entire existence will change.

3) Self-care is beyond important but also doesn’t mean spending a fortune and stressing yourself out

I think we have all had an overload of self-care lately. Just like diet fads, new self-care must-dos are popping up everywhere. Lately I have found that my biggest self-care routine is doing absolutely nothing and putting my phone away. I don't need spas or face masks or the newest workout craze- I just need time to contemplate and breathe. Don't let self-care become a stressor. Only invite in easy and affordable ways to take care of yourself.

4) Your tribe is everything. Treat them as such.

We talked about this last week. Your support system is what gets you through each day. As it's our greatest human desire to be respected and appreciated, show this love to the people who surround you. Make sure your tribe aligns with the life that you want.

5) Your energy and vibrations are for REAL (and you should pay attention to them)

What you put out into the world, you get back to you. Listening to your intuitions and creating a positive energy within you, allows you to vibrate at a higher level. It may sound woo-woo to you, but I promise if you begin meditating and manifesting a positive energy force around and within you, your life will change for the better. The higher energy you create invites others with the same high energies, and this reinforces your kickass tribe.

6) Stress is real but impermanent.

Enough said. We all have stress but it doesn't stick with us. Rather than putting energy into the stress, allow it to exist and acknowledge that it will eventually fade. Taking charge of the stress, rather than let it own your day is a healthier way to coexist with it. Just keep in mind, this too shall pass.

7) Own your shit.

We all have moments when we aren't the greatest versions of ourselves. We get angry, we have meltdowns, we stress out, we take things out on people who don't deserve it- we are a flawed species. But you need to own it. You need to apologize when needed. Sometimes you need to eat crow. You need to be aware of when your shit is overflowing into someone's else's life. This means constant self-awareness and humility.

8) Dance like no one is watching.

Literally and figuratively. Life is way too short to care about others' opinions of you. If you want to dance- do it- like a freakshow. Trust me, I do it all the dang time. This is just a reminder to go for whatever makes you happy in life, regardless of others. And do it with extreme passion.

9) Learn to say no but come from a place of yes.

Saying no is sometimes the hardest thing we can do. I often struggle with this. I stretch myself thin saying yes to everyone and everything. I am learning to value my time and energy over anything else. I am learning to say no and not feel guilty. But I also come from a place of yes. Yes to new experiences, yes to getting outside my comfort zone, yes to things that push me to grow.

10) Your language, inner and outer, lends to your mindset.

How you treat yourself in your head is crucial. The language that you use when you talk to yourself or others is lending to the space that you hold. If you are being negative internally, it will lead to negativity externally. So be positive and kind to yourself. Your words have power. They create intentions. They affect others. Be purposeful with your language.

11) You can only control yourself (and accepting this is crucial to happiness)

I feel like the biggest complaints I give or I hear from friends are always about situations we cannot control. Realizing that we can only control ourselves, our thoughts and our reactions is so important to leading a happier life. It is also about letting go of expectations. You cannot control the past, the future, nor anyone else (even the people you think you can). Accepting this, while putting away your expectations, puts you on the road towards happiness.

12) Honesty really is the best policy.

Don't lie to yourself. Don't lie to others. Approach all situations with the utmost integrity. It speaks to who you are. Be someone with moral high grounds.

13) Find your inner child and live by his/her rules.

Remember the simpler days: the days you ran to everywhere you were going, you had energy for days, you giggled and found joy in the mundane. Find that inner child inside of you and try to live more aligned to his/her values. Don't take things so seriously and realize that we are just specks of dust in this grand universe. Life should be less serious, more fun. Otherwise what are we here for?

14) Be vulnerable. It’s important.

Vulnerability is such a valuable tool. We tend to shy away from it because it is scary and letting your guard down invites possible hurt and rejection. But this is where your biggest leaps and bounds in life happen. In the place of discomfort, we grow. Learn to live with your vulnerable side- it's really the most honest and beautiful part of your soul.

15) Just breathe.

When in doubt, just breathe. Really deep, slow, long breaths. It naturally calms down your nervous system and allows your mind to relax. Taking five minutes out of your day to close your eyes and just focus on your breath is a real game-changer.

I hope you enjoyed my top lessons over this past year. I'd love to hear some of yours. Please share!

Lots of love,

Create the life you want

Jamieson Van Loan

My 37th birthday is a couple weeks away and it always becomes an introspective time of the year for me. I like to analyze my past year and review what I went through and how far I’ve come. The successes, the failures, the love, the laughter, the joy, the pain, the anger, the worry and all of this converges in my (hopeful) growth. This year has been by far my biggest leap. I’m fairly certain I’ve grown more this year than the past decade altogether. I entered my 36th year with a lot of pain and sadness and struggle. I now enter my 37th year with happiness, love and joy. I learned to combat the lows in life with persistent gratitude, a very humbling self awareness and truly accepting that which I cannot control.

(Sidebar: to anyone going through a difficult time: I promise you, it will be ok. I never believed people when they told me that last year, but I am living proof it is. There is always a light to be found in the dark. Life may chew you up and spit you out but it’s up to you to change your path: not your direction necessarily, just the path to get there.)

To build on last week’s rant about leaving your autopilot life behind and living a life with intention, I want to chat about reaction versus creation. I realized that I spent a lot of my life in reaction, rather than with creation or intention. I am constantly rolling with the punches. I am going with the flow. I always say that a small business owner's overall job is problem solving, putting out fires, and I typically just spend my day going through the motions and dealing with what is thrown at me. 

I am a firm believer in following the universe and the signs around me. I tend to look to the universe and these signs as a guiding force. These signs and situations tend to be how I forge my path. This "let the universe guide me" has been a wonderful way to move through life, but this upcoming year, I want to take a different approach. Even with the universe in my corner, I want to be more definitive about what I want and focus on getting to those goals. I want to stop reacting to what the world is giving me. From now on, I want to create the world I want. I want to pick and choose how and who I spent my energy with. I want to clarify my objectives and only take steps towards them. I want to stop being reactionary in life and really hone in on creating the life that I want. I am going to be proactive. No more reactive living.

We all have goals that we are working towards. But how often are you getting sidetracked? Or they are completely tossed aside sometimes? I often find myself extremely motivated one week and very lackadaisical the next. Or my goals go off into tangential smaller goals and I've lost the entire focus by the end of it. Not anymore. 

So how am I going to stay motivated and focused to create the life that I want versus the life handed to me? Baby steps. That's right. Every day I am going to do little, seemingly insignificant steps towards the larger picture. And by the time 38 rolls around, I am going to have checked off every single thing on that goals list. This rant is my contract. You are my witnesses.  

But at the same time, I have to focus on being happy in the present. It’s an interesting balance. Wanting a different life but being happy with how you’re currently living. And trust me, I am beyond happy right now, but I think it's ok to feel both. It’s ok to be content with your current status but also be working towards a different one. This is how we advance.

What I decided to do this upcoming trip around the sun is to do my best to stay happily present every day while taking my baby steps towards my bigger goals. Maybe just as important, is to not fixate on the final results but enjoy the process. Analyzing the future (honestly the silliest thing we can do) only brings on anxiety and stress. The most reliable way for me to predict my future is just to create it and this is my vow to do so.

Care to join me?

Be love. Share love.

Be the light...

Jamieson Van Loan

This week, one of my favorite humans paid me the best compliment I’ve heard in a very long time. Speaking about me she said, “the fun we had would not have happened without you. You make people want to sing and dance. You bring that out in people. You make us want to have fun.”
I don’t think she knew her words would make me cry, but they did. Joyous tears. The idea that I make people feel joy and fun and give them a space to be themselves. To give them the freedom and luxury to sing and dance without judgement. Holy moly, what a kind beautiful compliment!

My first takeaway is that we should all be so honest and open and giving with our compliments. I am an authentic complimenter; to the point that people may think I’m being fake, but I’m 100% not. I tend to tell people, immediately, if I like something about them, even strangers. I love that quote that says something like “if you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them it could last a lifetime.” And it’s so true! We all have memories of kind words spoken about us. It is such an easy and simple way to better someone’s day, so why not do it?!

After evaluating why that compliment made me so emotional, I realized that I never thought those things about myself. Ever. I always felt like I’m the person who has the sturdy shoulders that others can stand upon. I’m the support system to their shine. I’m not the one doing the shining.

But something clicked after she said that. I AM the one who’s shining. I am the freakin’ magic. It’s been me all along. I always thought that the people in my tribe were making me feel great and making me laugh and they add all this value to my life but I didn’t realize that I was doing the same for them. I never anticipated that my presence was pulling out the magic in them. How powerful did that compliment just become?! I am a major part of the reason that my tribe feels comfortable enough to enjoy life and be silly. Woah!
Since this acknowledgement, I have now come to recognize that the light I seek and see in others, tends to be the same exact light that they see and seek in me. We all are making each other glow. We are all highlighting the beautiful, yet sometimes hidden, parts of each other. We are pushing each other to the point of illumination based on our combined vibrations. It is seriously effin’ magical!
We are all radiant beings.

I can only speak for myself but I have to be honest here, I RARELY feel this way. I rarely feel like I am conquering my to-do list. I rarely feel like I am succeeding. I rarely feel like I’ve got it all together. I rarely feel like I am influencing any beauty in this world. I rarely feel on top of anything at all. I feel like I am mostly surviving, just getting by.
That being said though, majority of the time, I feel happy. Like surreal happy. Like questionable happy. Why is that?
I think it is because I have realized that my self-confidence, my inner happiness, is never contingent on exterior situations. I am never defining my true being by what is happening outside of me. Internally, I am grateful. I am happy. I am secure. I am aware.

So what I learned this week, after 36 plus years on this planet, is that I am the freakin’ magic. I am the light. I am my own joy.
And get this- so are YOU! If you are reading this and absorbing any of this, you are your own beautiful light. If you are seeking beyond your own wisdom and growing, you are creating the light within.

With all the hatred in the world (my heart goes out to NZ), my advice today, and every day, is to be that lighthouse for others. Be that guiding illumination that allows people to be authentic and to vibrate higher. And gratefully, bask in their reciprocating glow.  
Jamieson xo
PS. Happiest of birthdays to my best friend, Lauryn! She is the beautiful human who shared these words to me. Lauryn, thank you for always being the brightest light in my world! xo

Birthday Reflections

Jamieson Van Loan

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week. I am so grateful. Time is our most valuable asset and using yours to send me well wishes for the year ahead is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

Birthdays are always a time of reflection and intention. For me, they are a time to reminisce on the past 365 days. To see what I've learned, how I've grown, how I've regressed and to forgive myself for any moments that weren't true to myself.

I have to be honest, I find my birthday to be a tough time of year. I have always been a very goal-oriented person and birthdays were always a reminder of what I hadn't accomplished yet, coupled with this underlying fear that I am running out of time to complete said goals. Every year I try to move away from this rigid structure of thinking but it's difficult for me. Don't get me wrong, I am not unaware of all the things I have accomplished and yes, I am proud of those. But the unfinished list tends to outweigh the accomplishments in my mind. This is part of my evolution. I am a work in progress. 

What are you internally working on? 

Whatever it is, keep at it! 

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Jamieson xo

Happy Birthday to me!

Jamieson Van Loan

This upcoming week is my birthday. June 5 to be exact. I am definitely not a birthday person AT ALL. I like to let them quietly slip by and pretend they aren't happening. But for your benefit we are doing 10% off all of next week's orders AND a big discount on the 5 day power bowl delivery. $65 vs the typical $80. Wow! 

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BIRTHDAYWISHES to get the 10% off this week. 

I have to be honest, this past year has been beautiful and extremely trying all at the same time. I have learned quite a lot, some positive, some negative but lessons all the same.

For one, I am so lucky that I am person who attracts beautiful humans to connect with. I am surrounded by loving friends and family constantly. I thank you you all for your never-ending support. These wonderful people are constantly feeding me the energy I need to get through the tough days and cheering me on during the days of bliss. I love you all. Do not stop telling those glorious people in your tribe how much they mean to you. They can never hear it enough. 

But my biggest lesson this year is to let go of my (typically high) expectations. It is one thing to have high expectations for your personal goals, it is a complete other to set expectations for what your life or career should be. If you had sat me down on my last birthday and told me where I would be today, I would have never believed it. Life will never stop throwing you curveballs. It is by finding grace, humility and strength that you can keep hitting those curveballs out of the park. Do your best to take what life gives you in stride. Let go of expectations of what life SHOULD be. This is not feeding your soul.

Find the little things each day that makes your soul shine- that is my birthday wish for you! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Jamieson xo