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Choose Kindness.

Jamieson Van Loan

A friend of mine just launched a new podcast and her first episode is on kindness. She says we should make kindness our daily intention. As much as I believe in this philosophy, it is not always easy. 

For example, are you kind to yourself? Are you thanking your healthy body for carrying you through the day or are you criticizing those dimples on your thighs? Are you beating yourself up for not finishing your check list? Or replying to those emails? Or are you being grateful for the freedom of choices? For the luxuries we all have? Kindness always seems much easier to spread to others than to dole unto ourselves. 

When is the last time you gave yourself a mental high five? Do it now. Right now. Bring out your inner cheerleader! 

Once you find the space to be kind to yourself, then spread kindness and love like freakin' delicious peanut butter. Smile at strangers. Better yet, say hello to strangers. This is one thing I miss most about Costa Rica- everyone says hello to each other, always. Pay it forward, in any way you can. Be generous with your time. Listen without needing to respond. Call an old friend. Write someone a handwritten note. Hold open doors. Say please & thank you- and mean it! Be the person that you hope your kids will one day be. The very best versions of you. 

Be kind, folks. It's free and makes the world around you better. It will make you feel better. I promise.

Jamieson xo