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Are you stressed out?!

Jamieson Van Loan

With the launch of my new adaptogen superblend line and the challenges of now running two businesses, I am constantly repeating this line in my head, "the decisions of today are the realities of tomorrow."

 I find myself just running through my day, not conscious of anything but "getting it all done". Normally, I do my best to be mindful and present but I don't know if it's mercury in retrograde or my life in general, but I am STRESSED! Anyone else?

So I have been trying to focus on the idea that every step I take today is eventually leading me to my beautiful tomorrow. Even with these pressures, there is always a (very-cliched) light at the end of my tunnel. And this isn't a way to avoid the beauty of the present (yes! there is beauty in even the stressful moments)- it is to help me know that through all the struggles, it is guiding me to an even more beautiful life. It is beneficial to be aware that this present state is not forever and it is just a bumpy path to a brighter future.

If you are in the same boat, try your best to remember that this whirlwind of chaos is temporary and like everything, it too shall pass. And hopefully lead you to the calmer & prettier waters.

Also taking adaptogens are a GOD SEND! These have helped me on the daily. Please check out our new adaptogenic line, HERE. I know I am biased but they are such a HUGE help for me in dealing with stress! 

I hope you guys have a beautiful & STRESS-FREE weekend! Enjoy it!

Jamieson xo

The weekend is almost here!

Jamieson Van Loan

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. I deliver for about three hours per day so that is 15 hours of health & wellness and entreprenurial podcasts to listen to every week. So maybe "a lot" is an understatement.

A common factor that weaves it's way through majority of my podcasts is the importance of preventive health.

We operate in a world that is constantly chasing a cure when you're sick, rather than chasing the self-care when you're healthy. We balk at the prices of organic foods and joining a fitness center. And I'll be the first to admit to doing this. It's not easy to pay for ingredients that cost twice as much. 


It's important. Your healthy body only stays that way by treating it properly. It is best stated by Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." What happens on your plate is the very first step, and arguably the most important part, of controlling your body's healthy future.

So I ask you, what are you eating this week? 

To help with your healthy journey, try downloadingMaikana's FREE e-book. It's available on our website now.  
You can either add it to your cart when you order and the link will be emailed to you OR you can sign up for it via email HERE and the download will pop up when you hit submit. Reset Resolution is a great way to hit the reset button after the holidays. It is five full days of recipes from Maikana and workouts from Diehl Nutrition.  Check it out! 

Don't forget to place your Maikana orders. Friday 5% off always applies until 6pm today with promo code: FRIDAY5. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

Jamieson xo

Where has this week gone?

Jamieson Van Loan

This week has flown by. As has every other week in 2017. Maikana's nutrition specialist, Katie Diehl (of Diehl Nutrition) reminds me the days until Spring every day. 17 left!! Thank you Katie. 

With all this time passing so quickly, I keep running into issues of finding my balance. How do I fit everything into these super short weeks? And not only that, how do I choose the "right" things to do in my given time? We want to conquer it all but some things just fall by the wayside. I really want to do it all people!! 


We have to create, not find, our balance. Not only our balance of work, children, family and friends but the balance within. The balance of spending less time on the computer or phone and more time on the yoga mat.The balance of the mind. Less time stressing and more time blessing. I have spent the past eight months gearing up my business and opening it and taking each unknown day as it comes. I have spent WAY more time working, stressing, emailing, calling, texting, planning, writing than I have since I owned my restaurant. I have spent way less time on my yoga mat and less time with friends and with my family. Don't get me wrong- I am so GRATEFUL that I get to not only create beautiful and healthy food daily but I am following my dreams! Not many people can say that. But on the other hand I am missing my niece's birthday party this weekend because of a Maikana event. And I FEEL AWFUL about it. But my event was planned way before she decided to play laser tag and eat Shake Shack (a kid after my own heart!) so I have to do my best to not beat myself up over it.  

Moving forward I have to work on creating my balance. I have to make time for my family, my friends and more importantly myself. I have to REALLY work on finding my life harmony.

Any suggestions?! 

Have a wonderful and hopefully balanced weekend!
Jamieson xo