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Where has this week gone?

Jamieson Van Loan

This week has flown by. As has every other week in 2017. Maikana's nutrition specialist, Katie Diehl (of Diehl Nutrition) reminds me the days until Spring every day. 17 left!! Thank you Katie. 

With all this time passing so quickly, I keep running into issues of finding my balance. How do I fit everything into these super short weeks? And not only that, how do I choose the "right" things to do in my given time? We want to conquer it all but some things just fall by the wayside. I really want to do it all people!! 


We have to create, not find, our balance. Not only our balance of work, children, family and friends but the balance within. The balance of spending less time on the computer or phone and more time on the yoga mat.The balance of the mind. Less time stressing and more time blessing. I have spent the past eight months gearing up my business and opening it and taking each unknown day as it comes. I have spent WAY more time working, stressing, emailing, calling, texting, planning, writing than I have since I owned my restaurant. I have spent way less time on my yoga mat and less time with friends and with my family. Don't get me wrong- I am so GRATEFUL that I get to not only create beautiful and healthy food daily but I am following my dreams! Not many people can say that. But on the other hand I am missing my niece's birthday party this weekend because of a Maikana event. And I FEEL AWFUL about it. But my event was planned way before she decided to play laser tag and eat Shake Shack (a kid after my own heart!) so I have to do my best to not beat myself up over it.  

Moving forward I have to work on creating my balance. I have to make time for my family, my friends and more importantly myself. I have to REALLY work on finding my life harmony.

Any suggestions?! 

Have a wonderful and hopefully balanced weekend!
Jamieson xo