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The Power of Positive Thought

Jamieson Van Loan

Steve Jobs' “think different” campaign was beyond just a marketing strategy. He created a culture where thinking outside of the box was encouraged and fanciful ideas became reality. Besides the innovation side of this, the literal aspect is what made Steve Jobs a great leader. He chose to turn his thoughts into reality.

This idea that our thoughts can hold the immense power to create and to manipulate the universe around us is not novel. But it something that we tend to forget during our daily rituals.

Our thought paths are the derivative of our emotions. Our emotions in turn direct how we move and interact throughout our day. Therefore our thoughts are the basis for our general wholeness and mental well-being. If the thought groundwork we are laying leans towards the negative, our days tend to turn out that way. We are overwhelmed, stressed out, irritable, etc. If you wake up on the “right” side of the bed and your mental state gravitates towards the positive side, your days tend to be lighter and more at ease.

It is human nature to blame exterior influences on our moods and behavior. But how often do you look within to correct your circumstances? The power our thoughts can have over mood and behavior is extraordinary. It does not need to be reiterated how important the power of positive thinking is but I do think it does need be a daily reminder in our lives to ACTUALLY practice this.   
There are days (I’ve had about four this week alone) where my positive day hits a negative wall. My younger self would dwell and sink into the negativity. My current self chooses to meditate, to realize that what is currently happening is impermanent and therefore the anxiety that rises up inside of me is not worth the fluctuating situation. I have to constantly be aware of how my thoughts are shaping my reactions and to actively choose to not go down negative rabbit holes. It is not easy, but the more I do it, the more accessible it has become.

Try it. Force yourself to realize that what is happening is both these things 1) literally not the end of the world and 2) not going to exist or matter at some point.

This does not detract from the pain of loss or the realities of a harsh world. There are moments in life that alter us and our mental states forever. I acknowledge that. But during the moments of being broken open is where we find the most growth.

So here is the thing, if Steve Jobs can literally take the thoughts in his brain and turn them into tangible success, why aren’t we all doing that? What is holding us back? Is it the fear of failure? Rejection? Fear, doubt and rejection are the repellents of life’s abundance. You need to squash those nasties in their tracks.   

How can we use the power of our positive thoughts and harness them into reality?

Stripping away the negatives and focusing and keeping the faith in what you truly want and deserve in life is the first step. Being hyper aware of your goals and following through mentally and with action is the next step. It requires vigilance and conviction. Stay positive, even when you find no reason to. Do not quit on yourself.

Remember this: we are the creators of our universe. You have a choice in who you spend your time with, you have a choice in how you interact with the world, you have a choice in your career, where you live, how you self-care, how you self- love, what makes you happy, etc. These choices all begin and end in your mind so be wary of how you wield that power. Use it to create a more beautiful and happy world around you.

Namaste xo

Use your luck mindfully

Jamieson Van Loan

First of all I want to thank all the amazing people who  came out to our event last night at The Shop | Stems & Co. Between the ladies from The Shop and Brinley from Beautycounter and all you beautiful souls- there was such a great, fun-loving vibe. I had a really good time and apparently everyone LOVES avocado chocolate on the look out for that to pop up on the Maikana menu in the future. 

Now for my little food for thought...

A good friend of mine, and also a femprenurial rockstar (Hi Lauryn!),  shared the super inspiring podcast "How I Built This" with me. Now I'm aware I'm behind the times by a few years because this is the first time I've ever podcasted (is that a word?!) but during one segment a famous entrepreneur mentioned that he thought we are all given a certain amount of luck and it's how we use it that makes our lives differ.  Granted this was coming from a billionaire, but it really struck a chord with me. How am I using my luck? Am I wasting it away on trivial things or am I using it to its full potential? When you are given a chance, do you leap or proceed with caution? Is my hesitation in leaping and bounding the reason I'm not crazy successful? (How I measure success is a completely different topic). Are we sharing our luck and paying it forward? 

It really got me thinking and it, honestly, inspired me. I want to use my luck wisely!! This past week made me extremely grateful and very alert to my luck. Now granted, as a small business owner- determination, passion and solid hard work are the driving elements behind my day to day but when companies like the Daily Voice and Halstead reach out and are like, "Hey we want to write about you for FREE because we think you're awesome and the coolest healthy food company around" (that last part may or may not have been said). Is that luck playing a role in my life? Is it part luck and part hard work paying off? I don't know but I will say- I feel pretty darn fortunate about those lovely write-ups.
(see link below)

Needless to say- I am inspired. Inspired to do more and reach more and give back more. So my question for this week is: how are you using your luck? 

Happy weekend everyone!! 
Jamieson xo