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Not to burst anyone's champagnes bubbles...

Jamieson Van Loan

But vacation week is coming to an end! Eeks...enjoy the last two days before returning to reality. I hope you guys all have an amazing Easter weekend! I am off to a wonderful weekend in Boston with an actual lamb on a spit in the backyard. Holy moly! I know for some that's cruel and awful (to each his/her own) but for a chef- it's pretty darn cool! Greeks do it right!

The weather has finally changed. YES! What are you all doing to appreciate this beautiful turn of events? With each changing of the seasons, I like to reflect on what we are losing and what we have ahead to look forward to. Even though we all complained (me included) about the long winter and cold, grey skies, we really had it pretty easy this winter. We only had a few bad snow storms and not a ton to shovel. Thank goodness! I happen to be someone who dislikes the cold but loves the cozy nights in with a fire, hot cocoa, snuggles and Netflix. Yes please. Those days are behind us for a while.  We are giving up the slower comfort and quiet of winter.

And now we have the long warm summer days...filled with sand, sunshine, warm garden tomatoes and a little rosè. I have a complete appreciation of both seasons, but I will admit that I am much more of an outdoor, sunshine, sunsets on the beach kind of person. Ahead of us are the days of lots of outdoor activity, hot sweaty temperatures, swimming to cool off, outdoor eating, grilling, backyard gatherings...ooh I can't wait! We are exiting our hibernation stage into the active, energetic, sultry season.

This change of seasons reminds me that I have the constant ability to change. I can change my emotions, my opinions, my reactions, my stress level, my plans, my everything. The cliche that people never change or you can't teach an old dog new tricks-it's a big fat lie people! We are all capable of change.

How are you evolving this season?

Happy Easter everyone!
Jamieson xo