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Hang in there...

Jamieson Van Loan

Do you have those weeks when you feel like you're constantly making mistakes? Even when you're telling yourself "don't forget to" or "make sure you get this done" AND then you still drop the ball on it. This was my past week. I swear everything that could go wrong, went wrong. And it was all my fault. Owning my mistakes is the easy part, but forgiving myself for creating them is a constant battle. 

When these missteps occur in life, it is our natural instinct to beat ourselves up. If it is so instinctual for us to give away love and kind words, why is it then so difficult to practice self-compassion? I spent a lot of time last weekend attempting to forgive myself for my mistakes but I kept mentally berating myself. It took a brand new week and a lot of mindfulness and self-compassion to realize that the mistakes were over, they could not be changed, and I, and those affected by my mistakes, will all be OK. It will always be OK.

Let's all take a moment this weekend and practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness. We all drop the ball from time to time, and sometimes more frequently than others, but we have to have the mental fortitude to forgive and love ourselves. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful, mindful and healthy weekend! 

Jamieson xo