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Where has April gone?!

Jamieson Van Loan

It has begun...the flying by of spring and summer. I swear, we are going to blink and be planning our Halloween costumes. 

This month has been all over the place for me. Is mercury in retrograde or something? The transitioning of seasons tends to take its toll on me. I really can't explain it but I feel exhausted and this crave for energy. When did the energy I have in my 20's dissipate? I could run on three hours of sleep and be completely fine. Now even six hours isn't enough to get me through a full day. I know all parents can relate to this. Maybe having your own business is essentially like having a first child. You're constantly tired and questioning, "Am I doing this right?" 

I have been reaching out to friends lately, mostly entrepreneurs, to help me revitalize and find my inner fire again. It's almost like I'm in a work depression. Is that a thing? I have my own business. I get to create and cook every day! I LOVE WHAT I DO! But I'm tired and cranky and really just an annoying person to be around. Sorry Chris! Does anyone have advice for getting out of work funk? My current solution is 28 days straight of yoga aka making time for my sanity and self. I am on day five. I will take any and all advice though...

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!
Jamieson xo