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Thank you.

Jamieson Van Loan

Thank you.

The past two weeks Maikana Foods has gotten such an amazing response from the Norwalk & Darien communities. I cannot say anything but thank you. I feel so honored and happy to be a part of such a supportive community. I really thought that when I left my tiny town of 120 people in Playa Grande, Costa Rica to move back to Connecticut that I would never find that same feeling of "community". Boy, was I wrong!!

I've had people reaching out to me with such kind words about my food- which is so lovely to hear. When you enter into a new business (especially as a chef because its based on your own personal skills), you are constantly in a world of self doubt. Am I doing the right thing? Am I crazy? What did I get myself into? Is my food good enough? Can I REALLY do this?

Your words and social media sharing and all the wonderful support ofMaikana Foods has been such an affirmation to my choice to bring healthy power bowls and food to Darien & Norwalk. I cannot thank you all enough. 

Your love is felt.