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Control Freak!

Jamieson Van Loan

Someone told me this week "You can only control the controllables." This is obvious but it is really difficult to always apply to our lives. I will own it- I am a control freak. I like to do things "my way", I like to tackle and do EVERYTHING because I know how to do it best, and I get anxious when situations are out of my control like flying in an airplane. Relinquishing control is on my "goals" list for the year. I am working on it but it is not at all easy for me. 

Does anyone else relate to this? 

I have noticed lately that we (women) are constantly seeking out things out of control. We want to have the body of the girl on the magazine cover, we want to be flexible and strong like the girl in our yoga class, we want to have straight, glossy hair like our girlfriend, etc. To admire these qualities is fine but to desire the things that are not in control is crazy-making. We have to focus our attention to what we can control. We can control what we eat (hopefully Maikana Foods, haha), we can control how much we work out, we can control our calories, etc. But we cannot control our age, our metabolism, our genetics, how our bodies react to pregnancy, how tall or short we are,  how our hair grows- LADIES, we need to stop this insanity!! 

We are all messy and imperfect. But we are all beautiful and caring and kind individuals. Key word: INDIVIDUALS. I hope you can take a moment to meditate on this today: 
We are imperfect but beautiful humans and we can only control ourselves.

Have a wonderful weekend,