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Vulnerability is the conduit for connection..

Jamieson Van Loan

A friend, client and mentor just gave me my first Dr Brené Brown book! Muchas gracias, Christine! I have yet to crack it open (my bedside reading stack is bananas!!) but I have listened and recently re-listened to her TED Talk on vulnerability.

Vulnerability is defined as the state of being exposed to possible harm, whether physical or emotional. 

True, but it is so much more. Being vulnerable is allowing yourself to be broken open without fear of the consequences. It takes great courage. We spend our lives taking our negative experiences and building a barrier around our souls, our hearts and emotions in order to protect us from those failures and that knowing pain. Being open to really moving through those negative moments and the lows of life with a true awareness is what brings evolution. It opens us up to newness and growth. This is why keeping vulnerability by your side is crucial.

We all need to more vulnerable. We need to dive in and swim deep in her waters. We need to appreciate the gifts the universe gives us and realize that opening our hearts up wholly and fully is the only way intense deep connections can be made. We were put on this planet to foster connections. We exist for the bond between two hearts.

Keeping up your barriers causes disconnect and separation. Vulnerability is about lowering those walls we have built around us. Guarding the beautiful (and not so beautiful) parts of yourself keeps connection at bay. Vulnerability is about making human connections regardless of the consequential fear.

And I get it. We have all been through trauma. We all have reasons to put up protective walls. Acceptance of past disappointments is the very first step to becoming vulnerable. Understanding that vulnerability, although soaked in negative connotation, is one of the most necessary emotions and actions in our lives. 

Imagine if someone didn't take the vulnerable risk to hold your hand or cross a room to talk to you or ask for your phone number or offer you a hug or pick up a phone to call you or ask you to coffee or best yet, say "i love you", where would your life be right now? 

Vulnerability is also the courage to be authentically you. You do not need to fear not being accepted. You do not need to fear judgment. Judgment and a lack of acceptance is another soul’s issue, not yours. To own your beautiful self, to truly love yourself and be comfortable enough to share that with the world is pure freedom. We all wear masks at different points of our lives, or even throughout the day. It’s natural. But if you can allow yourself to be a little more accepting of your authentic self and a little less worried about the world accepting you, you will be a great deal more happy.

I promise. Life is too short to not be your authentic self. 

Being vulnerable is accepting your flaws as your uniqueness and not being afraid to show all those shades of color to another human. Being a more accepting human and creating a secure space for your tribe to be vulnerable is also a part of your human occupation.  

Bottom line: your goal this week is to be more vulnerable. To let your guard down and let the love in. Allow these connections to feed your soul. You deserve it. We all do.