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This explains how delivery and our food services work for Maikana Foods

This page explains in details how Maikana Foods delivers in Darien and Norwalk, Connecticut. It is the overview of how simple our healthy meal delivery service can be. 

How We Work

1) Browse our menu and place your order online by 3pm the day BEFORE your delivery. Our order page has our pricing & delivery options.  Our ORDER page is where you add items to your cart.

2) Sit back and await delivery. We deliver between 9am and 1pm* Keep this in mind if you are expecting breakfast. Deliveries may not get to you until post breakfast.

3) Eat. Enjoy.

In three simple steps you will have a wholesome and new beautiful approach to eating.

We prep and create our meals every single morning in order to get the most fresh and healthy foods into your hands. Our menu changes weekly and since we believe in less is more, our menu is concise and extremely enticing.

All meals should be ordered by 3pm the night before your delivery. You can pre-order for the entire week or select days/bowls in advance. All 5-Day or 3-Day Orders should be in by Sunday at 3pm. You will receive an email to confirm all your orders. If you did not receive an email, please email us:    

There is no delivery fee.

We only deliver to Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Westport and Greenwich for now.

Deliveries begin at 9am every morning. We do our best to get your meals to you by 1pm each day. All meals are delivered cold. Breakfast items are not delivered by breakfast- keep that mind when ordering.

*If you are not available to accept delivery, you must add a Thermal Bag to your check out order. If you return the thermal bag, you will be refunded the $4 cost. Weather can affect delivery times. 

For any questions or concerns please email us: or call us at (203) 981-2193



What does Maikana mean? Our executive chef is Fijian and “mai kana” means “come & eat” in Fijian. Fijians love mealtime and its an invitation they use frequently.

How do you prounonce Maikana? It is pronounced “my-kah-nah”

What is a power bowl? You will hear about power bowls, Buddha bowls, macro bowls, hippy bowls, acai bowls and protein bowls all over the internet. These are entire meals within one bowl. They can be made up of whatever you want but we like to rely heavily on plant proteins, greens and vegetables with a little animal protein in the mix. This is a fun way to mix up healthy eating! You can always opt out of the animal proteins if you are a vegetarian.

Where do you deliver? Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Stamford, Westport & Greenwich. More to come. Stay tuned!

Can I pick up Maikana Foods somewhere? Yes! We carry select products at Neat Coffee Shop and Everwell. Both in Darien.

How much is delivery? It’s free! Can’t beat that.

Do you have a store front? No, we do not have a store front. We operate in the digital world only. 

Where are the prices? All pricing can be found on our Order page. Please email us if you have any questions about pricing. 

How does the thermal bag work? Once you buy a thermal bag, your order gets delivered inside it with an ice pack. For all future orders, you leave your thermal bag & ice pack outside and we will bring a fresh frozen ice pack to replace the old one, with you new order. It's that easy and it means you don't have to be home for delivery. All for just $4! 

What does Levu Bowl or Lailai Bowl mean? Levu means large in Fijian and Lailai means small in Fijian. The large bowls are intended for a large hearty meal or two small ones. And the small bowl is for a large snack or small light meal. 

I have allergies. Do you cater to that? We absolutely try our best to satisfy all customers’ needs. Please contact us with any allergy related questions prior to ordering. There is a section in the checkout process where you can list all allergies or aversions. 

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options? Majority of our bowls can be made vegetarian/vegan. It depends on the menu item. Please reach out to us to see how we can cater to your style of eating.

I was given a gift certificate, how do I redeem that? Please use the code emailed to you during checkout. It will ask for your promo code, enter it there.

Why does it say “Sold Out” when I try to order? We are a very small team and it takes time and love to make each of our meals. For that reason we only sell a certain amount per day. We are so sorry you missed out on an item but feel free to email us and see if we can work something out! Otherwise check back for tomorrow’s menu.

Why can’t I order a bowl the same day? Why does it have to be ordered the afternoon before? We purchase our ingredients daily to ensure you the freshest food each day. Buying, prepping, and cooking your meals takes time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I love your salad dressing but the serving portion is too small. Can I have more? Of course! We do the healthy recommendation of 2 oz of salad dressing for our bowls but we are happy to accommodate your request for more. Just ask in the "additional information" section during the check out section. 

I missed a power bowl that looked really good. Will it be on the menu again? We love that you love our food! We would be happy to hear about the meal you wish you had ordered or a meal that you love and want to see on our menu again. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Why is my power bowl delivered cold? We chill all our products for delivery. It is the safest way to get our food to you. We know you might like your chicken warm on a salad but for your safety, we have to deliver it cold. 

How can I find out what the weekly menu will be? Please sign up for Maikana emails. We send out a weekly menu every Friday. It is also posted here on our website under "Upcoming Menu". 

Do you provide utensils? Unfortunately, we do not. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and about 40 billion plastic utensils end up in landfills each year. Yikes!! 

I am not happy with my delivery, what can I do? Please call us right away if a meal was not to your standard or there was confusion with a delivery. We are happy to right any wrongs. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. 

I love a salad dressing/food item. Can I have the recipe? We are so happy you love our food enough to want to recreate it at home. Email us and ask. Unless it’s a family sworn secret- it’s yours!

Can I sign up for Maikana deliveries long term? We are not a subscription delivery service but we want to make healthy meals as easy and convenient for you as we can. Contact us and we will happily work out an agreement.