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Energy is sacred.

Jamieson Van Loan

Energy is an extremely valuable commodity that we sometimes take for granted. I know for myself I used to put energy into every single thing that I came into contact with. I put energy into silly things. I put emotional energy into situations out of my control or unworthy of me. I put physical energy into situations that did not feed my soul. I put spiritual energy into fleeting crazes. Wasting energy on soulless situations or people only dilutes your power.

And that is how you have to think about your energy: as your power source. Although it is unlimited, it can get low. Very low. I like to visualize my energy as a pie chart. Every day I start out with a full pie of energy. I put a certain amount into work and a certain amount into myself and then my relationships. How I divvy up my energy can change day-to-,day but when I am placed into situations where I am questioning if it deserves my attention, I refer back to my pie chart. Is that situation worthy of taking a slice of that pie?

For example, I have to deal with an egomaniac on a fairly regular basis. He drives me up the freakin' wall. Typically, I have the wherewithal to put up a wall between me and his ego. I refuse to waste my precious mental energy on him nor let him affect my day. But there are days where I find myself seething because of him and then I have to stop myself and reign my energy back in. I have to refuse to let him utilize my power. It takes awareness and work, but my precious energy is not worth that human.

An interesting concept is how you apply energy to language. This idea that women average 20,000 words a day and men are around 7,000, but in actuality the words of value that you NEED to use are closer to 700-1000 a day. You are expending energy to deliver your point, but if you chose your language more precisely, you could leverage that energy elsewhere. As a loquacious person, I have tried this and failed. But it is a great way to bring more awareness to your language.

What I realized is that your energy is sacred to you. What you choose to thrust your energy into will only feed back into your life. If you are choosing to spend that valuable energy willy-nilly and not funnel it into people, situations and emotions that will improve and elevate your life, you will stay stagnant. Every time you run into an issue or situation, ask yourself is this worth my valuable energy? Is this worth a piece of pie? Is this situation going to have any bearing on my life in an hour, a day, a week from now? And if the answer is no, move on. Do not be negligent with your precious energy. Treat your energy source like you would your bank account. It will be a game-changer. Promise.

Enjoy the sunshine,
Jamieson xo