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The Power of Words

Jamieson Van Loan

As you all know, my life revolves around podcasts. Recently, I listened to one that discussed a multitude of self awareness and improvement ideals but what I took away from it was his theories on the power of our words.

We are constantly in conversation and it would be unlikely if every single word out of our mouths were the truth. There are the more mendacious types and then there are those like me: someone who lives and breathes honesty, sometimes to my own detriment. There could arguably be a third group of people who believe they are the forthright type but in reality (just not theirs) they are not. But even with the most honest of humans, we are still very loose with our language. 

In the podcast he gives the example of being on time. We tell a friend we will meet them at 2pm or we have a restaurant reservation that we made and agreed upon at 7pm. Now if we do not show up on time, even if we are just five minutes late, it is us going against our own word. If our word is our bond, then it should be with all things, large or small. If you are willing to break something as tiny as a restaurant reservation, then why wouldn't you be just as willing to break the larger vows in life? 

The linguistic construct he defines is that our subconscious is built around our conversations in the world and if we aren't being true to our own language, to the own power of our words, then we most likely aren't being completely honest within our deeper consciousness. This in turn dictates what the universe gives us. 

Bottom line: be accountable for what you say. Be precise with your choice of language. Follow through. Own it if you do not. The tiniest of sentences to the grandest of dreams are all manifested in our language and actions. Honor your words!